Symbolism, universal and particular, has its roots in everyday experience.  In a sense, symbols transcend and sustain visions that flow above and beyond the harsh realities of the world.  Acting as mental catalysts, the complex of symbols composing individual consciousness sustain tangible areas of the inner world which have a reflection in the outer world.  Simultaneously personal and universal in pictorial content and reflected meaning symbols provide rich and diverse sources of imagery.   Intensely interested in the power of symbolism, throughout my artistic career I have consciously, and sometimes unconsciously , woven symbolic themes into the substructures of my paintings. Although I am oblivious at the moment of creation there are times when I later discover that my artworks were a metaphor reflecting archetypal passages in my life at the time I painted them.  Subconsciously, I am drawn to symbols that express things that are hidden from my conscious self.  

Cloud Chamber”, depicts a seated woman under a thin veil.  Upon further inspection the viewer realizes  she is frozen in time and space.  One imagines that when the veil slips away she will become animated once again.  The symbol occurred to me as I remembered  furniture that was covered ,in a summer house that was closed up for the winter months and later uncovered the following season.  There are periods in life when one introverts and in time emerges changed although nothing exterior acts upon them.  Everything is contained within, not unlike a cocoon formed around a caterpillar  that later emerges as a beautiful butterfly. 



Cocoon depicts three figures gradually metamorphosing into butterflies.  The theme of a covered form is revisited throughout the years and reappears in my work as in the paintings Initiation”, “Mind Mirror”, “Divine Alchemy, and the metamorphosed figure gradually  reemerges in Edge of Recognition”.



Addressing the transformational process of life, mythology assists in opening the gates to awareness and helps us to access our own personal myths that inform the psyche.  Some of my inspiration is founded upon timeless mythological sources, an encoded legendary narrative that speaks through parable and allegory     The hawk in Mythic Matrix” alludes to periods in life when we meet overwhelming obstacles that burn or consume us.  In the well known Phoenix myth a bird is consumed by fire and rises from the ashes to live again.  Penetrating the unconscious and discovering the wisdom of the hidden mind leads us upon an exciting journey of self-discovery.  This descent is archetypically reflected in the classical myth in which Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, is abducted and taken to the dark underworld.  Each year she is allowed to return to the light.  

Persephone’s Door depicts the moment when Persephone looks back before descending into the underworld penetrating veiled entryways to revelation.    Like Persephone before us, we too must make our descent into the darkness of our unknown regions to find enlightenment., and returning from our inward journey, reflect the light upon the earth.  

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